DippinLA is motivated into making your car a rolling piece of art. We’ll take a car and style it to the owners paint specification all while being completely reversible. THAT’S RIGHT, completely reversible!

We specialize in Reversible Matte Paint jobs. We provide black, white, yellow, blue, red, grey, gloss, clear, as well as many custom colors. Whether you are looking for something as simple as a clear coat to protect your paint or a full blown custom color scheme. Tired of your vehicles color? The purpose of our product is to allow you the flexibility of changing your car/truck/suv’s color without breaking the bank. After all, once you’re tired of it we can remove it. Our product serves as a coating, preserving your original paint without any damages.

DippinLA was born in Los Angeles and has had a passion for styling automotive excellence. We are visionaries of what a Car/Truck/SUV could be and dive into creating something as unique as its owners.

You’ll soon see what sets us apart from the rest, our attention to details stems from our importance in reaching automotive excellence.

*DippinLA does not recommend any of our custom paint for periods exceeding 12 months.